Rotary benefits from the Folk Festival
The Rotary Club of Port Fairy had a successful fundraising period over the course of this year's Port Fairy Folk Festival.
Its traditional sausage sizzle outside the ticketing tent raised a net profit of around $1,100 whilst, for the work our volunteers did in manning the festival gate, a similar figure is expected from the Folk Festival Committee.  All proceeds of Rotary fundraising activities are put towards community projects. 
Guest speaker Bec Gilmore Brophy Family & Youth Services
Bec Gilmore and Shivon Beckwith from Brophy Family & Youth Services in Warrnambool gave a very informative presentation to the Rotary Club at its dinner meeting on 20th March at the Victoria Hotel.  Bec and Shivon gave members an enlightening view of the benefits and challenges of becoming a foster parent.
Brophy Family & Youth Services are funded through DHS and organise foster care for children up to 18 years of age with the aim of providing stability for the child.  The fostering period can be anything from day to years.  As of June 2015 there were 8,188 children and young people in and out of foster care in Victoria.  The Brophy Centre currently has 55 active people in care and has 56 foster care families on their books, of which 49 are active. The types of foster care provided cover respite, emergency, short term and long term. 
Bec covered the foster care process, how to get involved, the training and interview process, police checks and other reports that are part of the necessary process to becoming a carer.
Once recognised, the Brophy service provides continual support to carers, on-going training, after hours telephone support, a buddying program and regular newsletters and celebration days.
Bec and Shivon informed members how they could possibly get engaged with their foster care program and also urged members to share with others on the need to boost the number of carers.
For anyone interested in being involved they can contact:
Bec Gilmore & Shivon Beckwith, Brophy Family & Youth Services Foster Care Team
Email:     Phone:  5561 8888     Website:
Rotary Club gets behind cure for polio
The Rotary Club of Port Fairy is getting behind a world-wide push by Rotary International to help finally eradicate polio from the modern world.  As of the start of 2017 there are only two countries in the world, Pakistan and Afghanistan, where the polio-endemic still exists.  In this regard, polio eradication - a long-term objective of Rotary - is not yet finished.  The remaining 0.1% of polio cases are the most difficult to prevent because the virus persists in the hardest to reach areas so the fight is not quite finished but is close.
The Port Fairy club is selling special "eradicate polio badges" to raise funds for the cause knowing that world-wide, every dollar raised is matched 2:1 by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.  Through 2018, every $1 Rotary commits to WHO and UNICEF in support of polio immunisation will be match with $2 by the Gates Foundation.  This means that a $25 donation becomes $75 that will fund a host of eradication initiatives.
End-Polio badges can be obtained, on donation, from Rotarian, John Clue.
Our President Elect's report on PETS training
Rotarian, and President Elect of the Rotary Club of Port Fairy is gearing up for when he takes over as Club President in July.  Last weekend he attended PETS (President Elects Training Scheme) in Ballarat.  Attached his his report.
I attended a training seminar for the Presidents Elect for 2017/18 at Federation University, Ballarat on March 4th and 5th.
The focus of the training was to prepare the Presidents Elect by outlining the requirements and expectations of their role and the committee’s for their office year. It also provided an opportunity to meet and enjoy the company of other incoming Presidents from our district, 9780.
The International President for 2017/2018 is an Australian, Ian Riseley from the Sandringham club and we were introduced to his theme and strategic priorities for 2017/18;
The theme for his year is ‘Making A Difference’ with three strategic priorities:
• Support and strengthen clubs
• Focus and increase humanitarian service
• Rotary’s public image and awareness
Each club is encouraged to set 4 goals in each of these areas so I will be working with our members to identify which ones best reflect our culture and community needs.
Two messages impressed me from the seminar :
• From the incoming President International the following:
“ It is more important than ever to allow our clubs to define Rotary service for themselves. As Rotarians we have more flexibility than ever to decide how we want our clubs to meet, work , and grow. We’re focused more than ever on making sure that Rotary reflects the people it serves, with more women and a more diverse membership”
• Also I noted the increasing importance of up to date data management through on-line applications such as Club Runner, My Rotary, Facebook etc to communicate not just with our club members and Rotary worldwide but as a platform for communicating with our wider communities, locally and internationally so that Rotary is recognised for the work we do and receive the support we need from the wider community to continue “making a difference” through our service.
Another training meeting for the incoming President and committee will be held in Ararat on May 7th
Bill Moore 
Report from Exchange student Lisa
Our director of Youth Matters, John Clue, has recently received an update from our Rotary Exchange student, Lisa van Someren, who is now into the third month of her exchange program in Ontario Canada.  See Read More for Lisa's report.
Hi John,
The weekend before last, I went snowboarding again. I’m getting pretty good at it now and I really enjoy it.
On the Monday (the 20th) it was Family Day. Family Day is a Canadian public holiday were people get the day off to spend with their families. I went snowboarding and tubbing with my family. Tubbing was really fun but there were so so many people there which was annoying.
Last weekend I went and stayed at a friend’s place. It was so much fun. We went shopping and got our nails done at a salon. And I also got to meet some of her other friends.
On Sunday it was Country Announcement Day. This was where all the Canadian outbounds exchange students found out what country they will be going to. My friend is going to Peru which is exciting. There is one boy who is going to Australia so I spent a bit of time talking to him about the country. He has no idea where in Australia he is going yet.
I go to the Woodstock Rotary Club meetings every week. This week I did a little talk about what I’ve been doing lately. At every meeting they have a different speaker. This makes the meetings a bit more interesting. The speakers talk about their different projects and things hoping that the club might like to support or help them in some way. This week’s speaker talked about a free online reading for communities.
Over March break my host family are going on a holiday to Florida and I’m going with them. We are driving down so it will take about two days to get there. We leave on the 10th of March and return on the 19th of March. I can’t wait for the trip. It is going to be so much fun! We have rented out a house about a block from the beach so we can walk down and spend as much time there as we like at the beach.
I think that is about all for now.
Regards, Lisa
Rotary Fundraising Update
The Rotary Club of Port Fairy may have been on recess from meetings during January 2017 but the Club remained active on a number of fronts including some successful fundraising activities.
Apart from the voluntary work done in conducting the Backwards Running Race as part of the NYE Moyneyana Festival and managing a venue for the Port Fairy Jazz Festival, the club also ran a NYE BBQ that raised ~$674, finalised ticket sales for the annual Car Raffle that netted a profit of $2,434 and a Painting Raffle which, although not yet been finalised, should realise a profit of ~$1,000 when all costs are accounted for.
The Club is grateful for the donation of a painting by Wilma Preston for the raffle and the work of all Rotarians in helping sell raffle tickets and run BBQs.
Rotary Club of Port Fairy
PO Box 1, Port Fairy Victoria, Australia 3284