Posted by Harry Bracegirdle on Jul 04, 2017
At its Changeover Dinner held 3rd July 2017 in Port Fairy's Victoria Hotel, the new Club President, Bill Moore, was inducted by Assistant District Governor, John Clue.
Bill takes over the reins of the Club after a successful year under the guidance of out-going President, Adrian Crosier, who was roundly praised for his efforts over the last 12 months in engaging the Club in numerous community and international projects.
A highlight of Adrian's year was the handing over of a final cheque for $4,000 to Seif Sakata and Catherine Ryan from the Bandari Project which will go to the on-going school building program in his native town of Mto Wambu in Tanzania. The final cheque adds to previous donations made to Bandari bringing it to a total of $10,980 for the year.
The outgoing President presented the Annual Report for 2016/17 and thanked all Rotarians for the support they gave him during his term of office. 
After Bill Moore was inducted as President he spoke enthusiastically about his goals for the year and some of the projects he wants the Club to concentrate on.  He then introduced his Executive Board members for 2017/18 which comprised:
Adrian Crosier (Immediate Past President)
Sue Robertson (President Elect and President nominee for 2018/19)
Peter Smith (Secretary)
Jeff McLean (Treasurer)
Bernie Waixel (Director - Community Projects)
Jill Gleeson (Director - Youth, Public Relations and Membership)
Thank you John and Adrian. To you, all our guests,  and my fellow Rotarians I want to say that I consider it a privilege to be elected to this role. And a special thanks to my fellow Port Fairy Rotarians for asking me to lead them into the new year.
It is especially fitting that John inducts me as President and Adrian hands over the Chain of Office, because it was Adrian who proposed me as a member of Rotary in February 2015 and John who inducted me .
It’s a great time to be taking over the presidency of the Port Fairy Rotary Club.  As you have heard from Adrian’s report the club is in great shape. You can see from all the activities that the club successfully undertakes that it’s a well-run club. The morale is great. There is a high level of member participation in club activities. In fact when I compare what our club does with other clubs, our range of activities and participation rate is at the highest level.
At a personal level being a member of Port Fairy Rotary has not only given me the opportunity to participate constructively in community activities, it has given me the bonus of working with a warm and welcoming group of people whose fellowship I have enjoyed and value. All of this is a tribute to Adrian, his committee and all their predecessors. We can be proud of their contribution to our community.
Every year Rotary International has an integrating theme for our activities. This year we have an Australian as Rotary International resident, Ian Riseley, from the Rotary Club of Sandringham. The theme he has chosen is “Making a Difference”. Last year it was “Serving Humanity”. Regardless of these changing themes there is an enduring motto of Rotary which I find particularly inspiring    “Service above Self”. It underpins all the changing annual themes because for me it provides the rationale for being a member of Rotary. It’s a powerful driver for what we do. Because it’s not just about doing things in our community, however worthy.  The ideal of “Service above Self” when put into practice, gives meaning for what we do. It satisfies a basic human need we all have to contribute to our community.
All Rotary Clubs have been challenged by our new International President to focus on particular areas that he has set as priorities.  I will be asking the Port Fairy Club over the next twelve months to focus on three areas which he has nominated.
Specifically I will be working with our members to:                           
  • Conduct a Club Assembly to review our current strategic plan, set out our objectives for the next year and plan accordingly
  • Continue to support Friends of Rotary and extend this valuable asset into the community
  • Invite local organisations to support us as Corporate Members providing them with the opportunity to contribute to the community in an organised way rather than through ad hoc participation and enabling them to engage with the community through a respected community organisation.
To commemorate Rotary’s centenary in Australia in 2021,  Ian Riseley has asked us to mark this special milestone by every Rotary Club in Australia coming together to eradicate Trachoma from our country.
Trachoma is the world’s leading cause of infectious blindness and it is caused by poor sanitation.
Apart from some of the world’s poorest countries, Australia is the only developed nation in the world where this eye disease is still endemic in our indigenous communities . The World Health Organisation has a goal to eliminate Trachoma globally by 2020. I will be asking our club to work towards this goal by raising awareness and funds for this project during my year.
Ian Riseley has asked all clubs to consider undertaking a tree planting program to celebrate World Earth Day April 22nd 2018
I will be asking our club to consider how we can work with the Port Fairy community to mark this special occasion.
I would now like to introduce the Port Fairy Board Committee for 2017/18
I want to thank each of them for offering their services and I am sincerely grateful for their support.
Secretary: Peter Smith
Treasurer: Jeff McLean
Director Service Projects: Bernie Waixel
Director Membership Public Relations and Youth: Jill Gleeson
Past President and Director Community Relations : Adrian Crosier. This is a new role to manage the club’s relationships with other clubs and significant community groups
President Elect Sue Robertson
Thank you committee members for taking on these roles.
Bill Moore
Members of the 2017/18 Board (missing was Sue Robertson)