Posted by Harry Bracegirdle
Our Club's Exchange student, Lisa van Someren, is now nearing the midpoint of her exchange program to Canada and is about to finish the school year there (ending mid-year in the northern hemisphere) before taking off on a road trip with all the other 2017 exchange students in her region in Canada.  
She has now moved onto her second host family and, by all reports, is being kept very busy with so much to do, - not the least attending weekly Rotary Club meetings!
Click on Read More to view Lisa's most recent report:
Report from Lisa to the Port Fairy Rotary Club:
Here is just a bit of an update of what I have been doing.
I am now living with my second host family. They are really nice. In this family I have an 8 year old sister, Sarah Jane. She is really cute and loves me.
I went to Canada’s Wonderland again the other day. It is a giant theme park that was so much fun. I went on lots of big roller coasters and cool rides. I was also very lucky that my host Rotary club brought me a season pass so I can go lots over the summer. I also went treetop trekking. That was also really fun. It was like a big obstacle course up in the trees - really cool.
A couple of weeks ago was school prom. I’m glad I got to go to the prom, since we don’t have it at home. It was like a dinner and then a dance thing. It was a lot of fun.
I have just finished school and I had my last exam today. All of my exams were really easy so that was good. They didn’t take me long to do at all. I am now on my summer break. I have 2 months off before I go back to school in September.
In two days I leave on the east coast Canada trip with all the other exchange students. There is going to be about 50 exchange students on the trip so it is going to be so much fun. I’m going to meet a heap of new people. The trip is for 14 days and we get to see and do a lot. It’s going to be fantastic!! I can’t wait.
Over the summer break I also have 2 canoe trips. One with my first host family and the second one is through a youth program. I am also going on a boat trip too. This is with a Rotarian. He and his wife are taking me and maybe my other exchange student friend out for a couple of days on his boat. He is going to show us lots of different islands and cool places. We are probably going to sail to USA and stay there for a night too. So overall my summer is going to be pretty busy but a lot of fun.
Regards......Lisa (that's me  in the photo above with the other exchange students.  I'm in the "Aussie green" jacket at right hand side of front row!)