Posted by Harry Bracegirdle on Jul 03, 2022
  The Rotary Club of Port Fairy held its annual Changeover Dinner on Monday 20th June 2022 at the Star of the West Hotel.
  This was a very successful and enjoyable night culminating in the induction of new President, Graeme Cox for Rotary year 2022-23.
The Changeover Dinner saw the handing over of the "Presidential banner" from Jill Gleeson to Graeme Cox who later introduced his new Executive Baord members to serve the club in 2022-23.
The new Board members are ...
President: Graeme Cox
Secretary: Mllee Cox
Rotary Foundation: Jill Gleeson
Treasurer: Jeffrey McLean
Community Service & Environment: Michael Crowe
Youth Services & International Services: Geoff Coxall
Immediate Past President: Jill Gleeson
Membership: Bill Moore
Public Image: Harry Bracegirdle
Highlights of the evening was the awarding of Paul Harris Fellowships (PHF) to John Ellard and Wilma Preston and the recognition of out-going Governor of Rotary District 9780 - our own John Clue.
John Ellard's PHF award, long overdue, was in recognition of his many years of service the Club and primarily for his stewardship of the Rotary Bowelscan project for over 12 years.
Wilma was recognised for her contribution for over 10 years in donating a painting each summer for the Club to raffle at its annual Painting Raffle.  Over the period it is estimated that well over $10,000 was raised from raffle ticket sales each January at the Port Fairy Community markets.
 A special award to D9780 President - John Clue
Out-going President - Jill Gleeson delivers her report
New President - Graeme Cox
John Ellard  - Paul Harris Fellow
Wilma Preston - Paul Harris Fellow
2022-23 Executive Board members