Posted on Mar 08, 2023
The Rotary Club meeting held on 6th March 2023 was a milestone event in the life of the Club when it inducted its first ever Corporate Member.
Recognising the growing importance that Australian businesses place on corporate social responsibility, the Rotary Club of Port Fairy has created a Corporate Membership option, to provide businesses with the opportunity to participate in Rotary's established community service projects.  Employees of local businesses that partner with Rotary in Corporate Membership are invited to participate in all Rotary activities without committing personally to the obligations expected of regular individual members. Additionally, participation in Rotary provides employees with personal development opportunities potentially through project leadership and public speaking.
After creating the Corporate Membership class, the Rotary Club of Port Fairy then engaged with the Community Bank of Port Fairy & District to take up the corporate membership option.  
Ashley King, as the Bank's Company Secretary, was chosen to represent the Bank and be inducted as a Corporate member into the Rotary Club with a short ceremony conducted by Club President, Graeme Cox.
The establishment of the Corporate Membership class has evolved from groundwork carried out by the Club's Director for Membership, Bill Moore who drafted the guidelines for corporate membership in 2022. He then liaised with the Community Bank to forge this initial partnership.
 Bill's vision was that the Club could expand its membership base and further enhance the Club's community engagement by seeking to partner corporate members. To this end, it is now Bill's hope that other businesses - both in the Port Fairy township and surrounding regions - may consider joining up as a Corporate member for the mutual benefit of developing programs for community support.
Attending the meeting on 6th March for the induction of Ashley King, were key representatives of the Community Bank.  These were Director - Maggie Leutton and Chairperson - Damian Gleeson.
Ashley with Club President, Graeme Cox and Membership Director, Bill Moore     
Receiving his Rotary membership ertificate                                 
Graeme Cox and Ashley King along with Community Bank representatives, Maggie Leutton and Damian Gleeson