Jun 06, 2022
Nina Fitzsimmons (NYSF candidate)
My experience at the National Youth Science Forum - January 2022

Nina, is a local girl who is studying at Emmanual College in Warrnambool  She was the Rotary Club of Port Fairy's sponsored candidate to attend the National Youth Sceince Forum in Canberra in January 2022.  Unfortunately, Nina did not make it to Canberra - because of Covid - but still managed to "attend" the forum online. She informed members about the many and varied topics covered in the forum - her enthusiasm for

  • Guest speaker Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki, a live-streaming,
  • The live, online presentation from a doctor stationed on Australia’s Antarctic base
  • A live streaming from the Large Hadron Collider managed by CERN and located in Switzerland
  • A talk by a “Genomist
  • A presentation on “Critical Thinking” by an academic from the University of Queensland
  • The use of “bug farming” as a means to diversify food sources.

Nina proved to be a great ambassador for our Club that seeks to sponsor students to the NYSF each year.